The Vineyards – The Vineyards is out NOW!

Allright! So we’ve finally reached the date where the long awaited album is released! The Album, simply called The Vineyards – The Vineyards, can be found in different versions on CD, vinyl LP and digital downlads. The vinyl and digital versions also contains a bonus track recorded way back in 2003 as a little special treat. You’ll find the record in almost any recordstore and here are some vendors where you can buy it online:

Platekompaniet (CD) (CD. They actualy managed to misspell the title – dorks)
MusikkOnline (mp3, with bonus track)
iTunes (AAC, mp3, iTunes plus with bonus track)

The vinyl will be available soon in selected and well assorted stores. The vinyl will also include vouchers to download the mp3 files from

Go get a copy!

You can also listen to some of the songs in full length on our MySpace profile. And as if that was not enough, do not forget to come to one of our releaseconcerts!