History of VNRDS #2: Cover art – First demo

Way back in 2003 The Vineyards went to the now legendary Come Again Studio to record their first demo. The man behind the knobs and reels was the infamous man, now known as Howie B. of Bloodlights, Håvard Lunøe Nielsen, then the even more infamous man of the mighty Autotune.

The demo were pressed in just a few copies, maybe 150 or so. Not many people have got this rare release, hence, not many people have seen the cover art. Yet again, even fewer people have seen what the cover art didn´t turn out to be! The man behind the art work is a guy called Thomas Røst, who later made a few posters for us as well.

So, the first picture shows what made the foundation for the final art work. The next three shows what it didn´t end up to be, and the last picture – yes, that one shows what it almost ended up to be except for a minor detail. Unfortunately I don´t have a picture of the final version at hand. So, if anyone can tell me what this minor detail is you will win a prize! And what is this fabolous prize? A copy of this rare recording! Yes, we still have a handfull left, believe it or not. Send us an email or post a comment bellow and be a winner!