The exclusive version of Northern Winters

Ok, here it is – Northern Winters arranged for acoustic guitar and macintosh! I bet you’ve never seen anything like it :

[flashvideo file=»video/tvnorge-vnrds.flv» /]

Now, we do need to explain this performance. As you may know, The Vineyards is a band fully employed in the business sector and a lot of our texts reflects the hard and dull life of office work. Like we say in Texas Ranger:

«gotta make a living, that’s all I know, it’s time to work, let’s go, let’s go!»

or in The Alibi:

«but as the clock is ticking and the day runs out, I cross my arms, I’m dreaming of what life is about» … «I should be seated at the fireside, with a little velvet robe untied, but every time I try to unwind, I’ll be standing at the assembely line»

Now, that is what we call powerful lyrics! The hard office work require a lot of skills in how to lure the co-workers (and bosses) to believe that you’re actually working when you’re sitting at the desk. What they don’t know is that we are actually making music in our office hours while playing keyboard on our macs. This version of Northern Winters is a way for us to come clean to our co-workers and say that there is indeed a life outside the cubicle! Enjoy!

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