Where to buy – I can’t decide…

As of today The Vineyards’ new record, The Vineyards, is out in all possible formats we can think of, and here is where to go shopping for it. We do not have a complete list of record stores that carry our genious stuff (especially outside the lovely country of Norway), so if you have any info on other places to go shopping for our premium product please give us a note in the comments below and we’ll update the list as we go.

On yesterdays format – CD:
Platebutikken Tiger (recommended!)

On tomorrows format – LP (vinyl) with bonus track:
Big Dipper (recommended!)

On todays format – MP3/Digital/Stream:

As always you can always pop by for some free streaming at MySpace.com/thevineyards


The Vineyards LP
The Vineyards LP

Last night I was walking down the street Howie B from Bloodlights drove by in his car shouting through the window: «great vinyl»!!


And today I ran down to the superb record store Big Dipper to see for myself, and there it was! So, finally the long awaited time is here. 

And you better run and get a copy for yourself and all your friends. Just take a look at the back: Track 13? Oh, yes, there is a bonus track. The first recording ever made by The Vineyards from 2003. 

Track 13
Track 13

The Vineyards forårsaker sjølvskading med selleri

HerreavdelingenEin eldre herre og programleiar i NRK måtte ty til sjølvskading med selleri etter å ha uttalt the vineyards feil. Heldigvis er selleri et mjukt og derfor uegna redskap til denne typen aktivitet. Episoden ser derfor heldigvis ikkje ut til å medføre seinskader for programleiaren.

Lytt til den dramatiske episoden av Herreavdelingen
som ble sendt 12. mai. The Vineyards anbefaler alle å abonnere på Herreavdelingen sin fabelaktige podcast. Det blir for dumt å la vere, lixm.

Her kjem du direkte til episoden. Låt og sellerisjølvskading er etter ca.45 minutt. Noko vanskeleg å avgjere.