New Videos – Northern Winters and Intet er nytt under solen

Great news! Finally we were able to publish the long awaited video of Northern Winters (spotify-link). As regular readers may recall, back in february 2009, we recorded a freezing cold video to illustrate the coolness of the Nothern Winter. Still, it took us about two years to agree on that this actually is a good video. Hence, we uploaded it and here it is:
The Vineyards – Northern Winters

Also, as a bonus, I was forced by the video spirit of rock to bring justice to one of our best recordings – Intet er nytt under solen (You can read more about the song in a previous article). The video filmed using iPhone and the infamous 8mm application. Nice! And here it is:

Remenber – «sharing is sexy» so we appreciate your tweeting and the like.

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