The Vineyards celebrates 10 years with live show March 15th in Oslo

Of course you’ll be there!

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And take a look at these sporty boys while you’re at it!


photo by Mariell Amelie:

The Vineyards releases Xes & Narcotics (single)

The Vineyards releases the mighty new single Xes & Narcotics today. The event will be celebrated with a release concert at Palace Grill in Oslo(Facebook link). In a statement the band says:

This release is great! You should download it and play it on both your stereo and on your iPod. We would also recommend listening to this tune in your car.

You’ll find the track in your local mp3 store or streaming service. If not, you’ll find it behind these links:

Nuff said – Now play!

Concerts everyone!

Finally we’re booking shows again. Not a lot, but a couple of them in Oslo. Check out the concert section for more info or visit our faboulus Facebook site for events and sound.

And by all means – do invite your nice friends! We love all friends. In fact – we are friends of your friends. They just didn’t know it yet…

The Vineyards featured in word wide Braun commercial with Jose Murinho

All right! The Vineyards track General – from their very first EP «good rock for good people» (iTunes, spotify) is now on tv screens all over the world as the sountrack to Brauns new shaver commercial. And the face shaved is none other than Jose Mourinho!

Here is what it sounds like when you use a Braun shaver:

Braun Series 3 shaver – TV commercial with José Mourinho ||

Track is available on iTunes, and streaming on most major services like Spotify and Wimp. You might also find it for free if you take a look around this very site.

Start your engines!

New Videos – Northern Winters and Intet er nytt under solen

Great news! Finally we were able to publish the long awaited video of Northern Winters (spotify-link). As regular readers may recall, back in february 2009, we recorded a freezing cold video to illustrate the coolness of the Nothern Winter. Still, it took us about two years to agree on that this actually is a good video. Hence, we uploaded it and here it is:
The Vineyards – Northern Winters

Also, as a bonus, I was forced by the video spirit of rock to bring justice to one of our best recordings – Intet er nytt under solen (You can read more about the song in a previous article). The video filmed using iPhone and the infamous 8mm application. Nice! And here it is:

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